Welcome Acapella Clean Fort Minor

Музыкант: Fort Minor

Песня/трек: Welcome (Acapella Clean)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:08

Публикация: 2016-07-27

Просмотрено: 178


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Текст песни:


[Verse 1]
Yeah its been a long minute
Let me break it down now if yall still with it
First time I did it
Yeah Ill admit it
I kinda hit it and quit it and left yall hanging
Sang it, kinda off key with a passion
Asking, can I give you back that action?
Yeah Im a blast in a hashtag fashion
To spell it out for you like a masked closed caption
Get a closed casket
Fade to black
This is my spot then Ill take it back
Get at me punk I was made for that
Yall dont really even know what you aiming at
So far back what you waving at?
Yall cant see the stage that Im playing at
Yall hating that
But thats why I do it
So tell me where the motherfucking haters at?

I dont need their blessing now
I dont need their invitation
Aint no way to shut me down
Or to take this path Ive taken
And maybe Ive been left out
Never let this be mistaken
They can keep that blessing now
Forget me now
Cause I was never welcomed

[Verse 2]
Yeah its been a long road
Never really know how it all unfold
Im just trying hard not to sell my soul
When the rest want guns and a mouth full of gold
I dont hate em
I still love em
Thats not me
Im not judging
Not be long
Not a bum
But disrespect me?
Well them fuck em
This a house Im living in
Yall just pass through visiting
I draw these lines yall fill em in
Im a grown ass man
Yall child-er-an
No competition
Im killing them
Talking bout a hitman
Him and him
Lets take it out for another spin again
I dont give a fuck if I win again





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