Angriff Mindless Faith Mix Front Line Assembly

Музыкант: Front Line Assembly

Песня/трек: Angriff (Mindless Faith Mix)

Продолжительность mp3: 05:42

Публикация: 2017-02-01

Просмотрено: 245


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Текст песни:

Rows and rows of crosses
standing in the sand
statues of the fallen
watching over the land
The tombs of unknown soldiers
lays tilted in decay
another year passes
on remembrance day.

Theres a hole in the sky
Ive got blood running in my eye
Im exposed to forged attrition
a battle cry for remission
The smoke filled air burns my hair
filled with toxic nerve despair
there no way to get back
another order to attack.

Kampfbereit in der Zeit (ready for combat in time)
Kammeraden d


Front Line Assembly - Angriff (Mindless Faith mix)


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