Kissing Your Shadow Roger Voka Remix Neteta

Музыкант: Neteta

Песня/трек: Kissing Your Shadow (Roger Voka Remix)

Продолжительность mp3: 04:20

Публикация: 2016-10-25

Просмотрено: 447


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Текст песни:

What the hell am I doing?
Why am I such a waste of a young heart?
I can feel the fire of love,
Burning me up from inside,
Hurting me so badly,
I guess I had a luck to meet the right one
But it just happened at the wrong time
That’s why I...

Im kissing your shadow goodbye,
And turning this page for a new life
The war is over, the war is over

I have already gotten used to the fact
That youre never around when I need you way so much,
And Ive even gotten used to the fact
That you never pick it up when I need someone
To talk about whats on my heart, my heart...
I used to kill the lights onto that staff
Tried to tell myself that you just needed some time
To realize whats come tween you and I
But now I feel like I keep holding on to nothing,


Neteta - Kissing Your Shadow (Roger Voka Remix)


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