Fall In Love Slum Village

Музыкант: Slum Village

Песня/трек: Fall In Love

Продолжительность mp3: 03:48

Публикация: 2016-12-28

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Текст песни:

One-two one-two

To fall in love,
With the things you do
Don t sell yourself
To fall in love
With those things you do.

Lady s lovin my music is like some sex shit,
Niggas trying to grip up my mic like it s a dick.
Run around the cornner to pick up the new shit,
Toss this in the deck so niggas can catch rep.
I m the motherfucker gripping the mic like it s a joke,
Niggas fall in love with the music like it s a hole.
Put donw your mic you lost your whole goal,
You take it to seriously like it s a gamble.
Fuck this rap shit I listen to classical,
In the studio you ask usual,of the
-my lyrical
-of bitches who you would know.
I m out of this cause you wanna be below.
Yall niggas in love with the s,
Yall niggas in love with the s.

Yeah, jetty man I see sometimes,
I sit and wonder when I think about these written rhymes.
How d I get to the point constantly taking all my time?
Time I could of been spending gettin cash, gettin mine.
Hopeing one day it comes around.
One day when I m the nigga gettin money, gettin cash, gettin signed
Getting the fuck out the ghetto, cause I m tired of crime.
But it s a crime that I feel this fucking waste of time.
But sometimes I feel like this shit here is a waste of time, yours and mine.
To these niggas out here trying to rhyme.
Your reason for a better should of been genuine.
I do it because it gives me a sort of peace-of-mind.
And for the love.

Yourself, yourself

Yo, one-two
Word up, ah one-two, sv, word up, word up, alright.
Uh,uh,uh and to my nigga jay-dee uh, uh my nigga t-3 uh, oh
That nigga batian uh, uh, thats my crew,
Yo, uh, oh this going out to my nigga bust-a,
And all my other motherfu-cka,
What up to all you trying to bust, us.
Trying to get down with us, cause we know you just mad as hell,
Yo I ll give em the mic, ehhh! so niggas don t know that I am,
T-3 on the mic,
I do what I do what I like, to get down right tonight.
(cause? ) cause I get down tonight, yo
Niggas try and put up a fight, wit us, yo alright


Slum Village - Fall In Love (Moody Good Remix)


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